Project Phronesis (Aristotle’s practical wisdom) is a synergy between quantum computing and machine learning. The aim is to build a customizable quantum classifier for healthcare application in the field of medical diagnostics.

Project NOUS is the pioneering attempt to create the non-algorithmic artificial intelligence (AIna) as a step forward towards true "digital consciousness". The field of AI, now more than a half a century old, achieved some success as applied AI (e.g. search engines, machine learning) but it has failed to develop the "full AI". A machine that could successfully perform any intellectual task that a human being can. In mid 20th century Erwin Schrödinger observed that there are some phenomena that lies beyond realm of materialism. Roger Penrose in 1989 notes "Whatever algorithm a mathematician might use to establish a mathematical truth, or whatever formal system he might adopt as providing his criterion of truth, there will always be mathematical propositions (...) that his algorithm cannot provide an answer for." In this project led by Dr. Aleksandar Radovanovic, we are pioneering research in quantum processes driven non-algorithmic artificial intelligence.

Open Fusion applies quantum computing algorithms to the next "big data" frontier: temporal text mining for hidden knowledge discovery, trends prediction and forecasts.